Torque Calibration

Industrial tool users know that routine calibration of torque tools is an integral part of any quality assurance program. The user-friendly calibration equipment from Ingersoll Rand and Desoutter Tools meets this essential need for assembly operations with stringent torque control standards. Our torques testers and analyzers and our transducers and joint simulators provide quick and accurate results for your entire tooling inventory. For users who don’t have in-house capabilities to perform their tool calibration, we offer calibration services for all brands of precision fastening tools.

Torque analysis and calibration are imperative to keeping your torque equipment calibrated and verified. Any substantial amount of use of torque tools require re-calibration tolerances as you use them, checking them regularly to ensure repeatable accuracy, whether it is a torque screwdriver, torque wrench, a pneumatic torque gun, or all of the above.

Our torque analyzers perform torque checks when you need them most. We provide torque testers a fast, reliable method of performing torque audits on the line or in the lab. Testing can identify tooling problems before they arise. Every unit has multiple torque transducers to span a wide range of torque values. Calibration is an essential part of the production process that helps identify and correct the deviation from the proper torque settings and ensures tool accuracy.

Hyspeco offers the equipment you need for all of your torque quality control and calibration applications – before, during, and after fastening.

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