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QXX High Torque Angle Wrench

A member of the QX Series Precision Fastening System, the 40V high-torque angle QXX Precision Screwdriver offers the full feature set of the QX Series. With up to 8 programmable configurations, wireless data transmission and on tool display, this angle wrench is designed to improve accuracy and productivity of your precision fastening and assembly operations.


  • Enables unlimited cycle data storage via wireless transmission of data to remote server
  • Capable of integrating with the line or other peripheral devices for maximum control and error-proofing
  • Supports wireless remote access and analysis of up to 10 connected QXX tools via ICS
  • Total of 8 programmable tightening configurations
  • Intuitive qualitative feedback using Green, Red and Yellow indicators
  • 1,200 cycles of on-boarding tightening data storage
  • Programmable via USB using ICS software
  • Configurable preventative maintenance alarms
  • Enhanced quantitative feedback – displaying the actual measured torque or angle result
  • Also programmable via the on-board keypad/display

All QX Series IQV40 high tools utilize the BL4011 40V 2.5Ah battery for increased torque and run time. The BL4011 is optimum for longer use applications. The 40 volt batteries utilize our IQv Series 40V, 2.5Ah charger BC1161.


In the documents below you can find model specifications, parts information, and more. For any other questions please contact us at (800) 234-1041.