Reducing the torque reaction in your fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated. Control and ergonomics, not compromise – that is what the QX ETS is all about. The QX ETS offers all the capabilities found in the QX Series platform, without the torque reaction.


  • Total of 8 programmable tightening configurations
  • Intuitive qualitative feedback using Green, Red and Yellow indicators
  • 1,200 cycles of on-boarding tightening data storage
  • Programmable via USB using ICS software
  • Configurable preventative maintenance alarms
  • Enhanced quantitative feedback – displaying the actual measured torque or angle result
  • Also programmable via the on-board keypad/display

All QX Series IQV20 tools are compatible with both the BL2022 and BL2012 batteries. The BL2022 is optimum for longer use applications while the BL2012 is ideal for tighter spaces and reduced weight. The 20 volt batteries utilize our IQv Lithium Ion Universal charger BC1121.