NEW INSIGHTqcx™ Cordless Controller with Multi Tool Controller option

Ingersoll Rand® Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqcx™ Cordless Controller image

Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqcx™

When trying to achieve simple manufacturing goals in a complex manufacturing world, understanding the fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated. The new Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqcx™ is different, by design. This cordless controller is designed to be easy to use and integrate, while providing a common platform to meet your assembly requirements worldwide.

With the new Multi Tools Controller (MTC) software option, you also have the ability to control up to 6 tools with just one INSIGHTqcx controller. Ingersoll Rand’s innovative solution with our QX Series™ & INSIGHTqcx MTC controller provides some of the best value available on the market, with one of the lowest total costs of ownership & cost per spindle available.

NEW 1″ Cordless Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand® W9691 & W9491 - 1

Ingersoll Rand® W9691 & W9491 – 1″ Cordless Impact Wrench

The Ingersoll Rand® 1″ cordless impact wrench combines the power of air with the freedom of cordless mobility. Give your operators the ability to move about freely, in applications where space and maneuverability are at a premium. W9691 immediately gives the operator the full amount of power required. With its quick setup W9691 lets operators get in and out faster. Ingersoll Rand innovation ensures balanced weight, ergonomic D-handle with 360 auxiliary handle, and protected IQV20 battery configuration with power for a full day’s work.

NEW Ergonomic Lifting Products

Zero Gravity Balancer Controls image

Zero Gravity Balancer Controls

Finding the perfect fit for your ergonomic needs can be proven to be more complicated than expected. The new air balancer control kit, Zero Gravity has been designed to be installed on our Ingersoll Rand BW air balancers to extend their possibilities. It can easily fit any lifting application and increase operators capabilities to its maximum.


  • Intuitive operation, no specific training needed.
  • Can control any handling device thanks to 3 available inputs/outputs (Programmable orange and black buttons).
  • Only 2 buttons, ON-OFF and emergency stop.
  • Very flexible, in and out can be added. Made for your specific application (packaging, assembly etc.)
  • Any load can be balanced automatically, once the load is lifted and stabilized (allowing the operator to have a direct control of it without touching any buttons).
  • Handling device fully piloted through integrated software.