Ingersoll Rand diggers are used for medium to heavy density earth or rock-laden earth. They are also great for light to heavy demolition. These tools feature time tested valve durability in dusty conditions, making them one of the most reliable and requested tools in their class. Available in multiple retainer configurations, these tools include extra-long nozzles giving increased longevity.


  • Great for heavier digging, foundation work, pipeline and utility work as well as heavier concrete, bridge and brick demolition.
  • Diecast aluminum handle and housing, the 95 series is as lightweight as it is powerful, making hard work easy.
  • Built with premium materials, the 95 series can withstand harsh conditions and repeated drops without affecting its performance.
  • The 95 series is equipped with rubber buffer retainers to absorb shock and prolong the life of your tool.
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  • Ideal for digging in clay, hard pan and frozen ground as well as horizontal concrete demolition, tunneling, and bridgework.
  • Tease throttle for maximum precision, coupled with a D-shape handle to allow access to tighter spaces.
  • Outfitted with a rubber buffer retainer to absorb shock and protect the tool, the 93 series diggers will last for years.
  • Side exhaust and steel cone increase user safety and productivity for better use every time.
  • Built with premium materials, the 93 Series diggers are lightweight and easy to use.
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